Welcome to Travel-Pack

  • Posted on: 28 October 2014
  • By: admin

Fed up with the paperwork involved in researching, putting together and booking your travel plans? Want to be able to find information out about a country at the click of a button? Yes? Then, Travel-pack is the place for you. We can take you through your travel plans; from the conceptual stage at the very beginning, to the logistics of travel arrangements and bookings, right through to sharing your experiences when your travels are over. Travel-pack literally packs everything you need in one place, creating your own personal online travel guide.

Our guides cover hundreds of worldwide destinations, making it perfect for International and European travellers. Whether you're backpacking round India, partying in Thailand or working on a sheep farm in New Zealand we have got all the information you need to create the best and most suitable travel plans for you.

We also offer you the chance to share your own recommendations, experiences and travel tips with other fellow travellers ensuring information is completely up to date. By setting up your own personal profile, you are able to keep a travel diary or blog as you travel, store photos and rate and review accommodation, restaurants etc. This enables you to build up a portfolio, which can either be used as a means of capturing memories of your travels for personal use or as a guide to refer back to should you, or someone you know, visit that country again.

Travel-pack also offers handy online tools such as currency converters, weather forecasts, maps, foreign translation and flight information. When you're travelling you want to travel light and the last thing you need is to be lugging around a huge folder of information. By saving everything you might need on your personal travel-pack page, you can access information such as e-tickets, accommodation names and contact details, insurance details, emergency contacts, travel dates and times etc. whenever you want.

We also offer you regular blogs of our own travelling highlights or horror stories so that you too can experience some of the things we have or indeed not make the same mistakes as we have! We also have a handy tips section with suggestions such as how to pack light, how to travel on a budget and how to be safe when travelling alone, to name but a few.

So go on, set up your own Travel-pack today and enjoy a stress free start to your travels.